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Reveal®3D Allergen-Test Total Milch

Intended Use: Reveal 3-D for Total Milk Allergen is intended for the qualitative analysis of milk residue (casein or whey) in liquid products (e.g., juices and sorbet), clean-in-place rinses, and on environmental surfaces. The Test: Reveal 3-D for Total Milk Allergen is a unique hand-held device with a 3-line readout: a control line confirms the method has been performed successfully and two other lines differentiate nondetectable, low and high levels of milk. The Procedure: Rinse and liquid products:
1. Add Type 8 buffer sachet to sample tube.
2. Add 1 mL (½ cap) of sample or environmental swab to a sample tube.
3. Cap and shake for 1 minute.
4. Remove cap and fill with liquid from tube.
5. Dip the Reveal 3-D device into the liquid in the lid.
6. Leave the cavity saturated until liquid is seen running into the test window.
7. Place device in a flat surface and allow test to develop for 5 minutes.

See package insert for complete instructions.

Product Specifications: Sensitivity: Screens samples at 5 ppm total milk
Testing time: 5 minutes
Storage: Refrigerated 2–8°C
Tests per kit: 10
EAN / GTIN 7640141060193
Artikel Nummer 26450
Gross Weight 192 g
Net Weight 180 g
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